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Emission Inventory

Reporting of Emissions 

Companies that have been issued an air pollution control permit to operate by the Department may be required to submit an Annual Emission Inventory Report (AEIR) to the North Dakota Department of Health.  At the beginning of each year, the Department will send letters to the company AEIR contact person responsible for submitting emission inventory reports.  The reports will address emissions during the previous year (January 1-December 31) and are due by March 15 unless a later date is specified in the permit (Click here to download emission inventory forms).

Uses of Emission Data 

Emission data are used to determine compliance with regard to emission limits and/or permit conditions; to identify emission levels, patterns, and trends; to serve as the basis for modeling of predicted pollutant concentrations in ambient air; to provide input for human health risk assessment studies; and to serve as a basis for determining annual permit-to-operate fees.  For details about permit-to-operate fees, see Chapter 33-15-23,  of the North Dakota Air Pollution Control Rules. 

Methods of Calculation 

Emission inventories should be as accurate and complete as possible.  Emission data should be included for each significant unit/activity listed on the Air Pollution Control Permit to Operate for the installation.  The following methodologies can be used to determine emissions: (1) continuous emission monitors [CEMS], (2) source [stack] testing, (3) material balance, (4) emission factors[AP-42 or WebFire], (5) fuel analysis, (6) emission estimation models, or (7)   engineering judgment.  Each report should be based on the methodology that results in the most accurate representation of actual emissions. 

Emission Inventory Availability 

Annual emission inventory reports are available for the following years in pdf format:

2013     2012     2011     2010     2009     2008     2007

2006     2005     2004     2003     2002     2001     2000

1999     1998     1997     1996     1995     1994     1993

Annual emission inventory reports are available for the following years in Excel format:

2013     2012     2011     2010     2009     2008

Questions may be addressed to the North Dakota Department of Health at 701.328.5188, or email Lew Dendy.