New Guidance for Oil and Gas Production Facilities

Compliance issues arose from the development of the Bakken formation that indicated VOC emission factors associated with the Bakken oil was higher than factor defaults in computer programs.  The North Dakota Department of Health coordinated the development of the guidance with the Bakken VOC task force and multiple industry stakeholders when drafting the guidance.  The purpose of this guidance is to help operators of oil and gas facilities better understand the VOC emissions associated with the oil in the Bakken formation and report them accurately.

NOTE:  A minimum of a pit flare with 90% DRE will be required for tank emission control on all new wells on the first date of production to ensure adequate control.  Evaluations of emissions using the guidance will direct what level of control is needed next.   More efficient pollution control is required for wells emitting higher emissions. 

The documents can be found at: 

  1. Memo to Operators About Guidance Document (.pdf)

  2. Oil and Gas Production Facilities Guidance (.pdf)

  3. Emission Calculation Workbook (.xls)

  4. SFN 14334 – Well Registration Form (.pdf)

  5. Examples of completed forms (.pdf)

Questions may be addressed to the North Dakota Department of Health at 701.328.5188 or email Adam Rookey 


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