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To dispose of an ionizing radiation producing machine, you must totally disable the unit. In most cases, it is best to contact a commercial X-ray assembler for this task. These companies sell, repair, purchase and dispose of X-ray equipment. The Department maintains a list of registered service providers/assemblers in North Dakota.

To disable an X-ray unit, the head should be removed from the unit and the electric cord, if present, cut off. Please, do not smash the X-ray tube. The x-ray tube is under vacuum and you may be injured by glass fragments if you break the X-ray tube.

You must notify the Department of any change in information recorded on your facility registration form. Please complete the Radiation Machine Change of Status Notification form, indicating the disposal of an X-ray unit and submit to the Department at the address indicated on the form.

Most X-ray units may be disposed of in a local/municipal landfill. You should contact your local trash handler to insure they will accept the unit. You may wish to sell the metal components for scrap.

NOTE: X-ray systems manufactured before 1979 may contain oil made with polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB). The oil was used in some transformers and capacitors to aid in insulation. Due to the hazardous nature of the oil containing PCB, disposal becomes a regulated activity if the amount of PCB is above a certain level. Please contact the Department if you have questions regarding this matter.


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