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Radioactive material (including by-product, source, and special nuclear material in quantities not sufficient to form critical mass and Naturally Occurring and Accelerator Produced Radioactive Materials) is regulated by the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH).  Depending on the radionuclide, quantity, and the form, a license is required in order to manufacture, produce, transfer, receive, acquire, own, possess, store, or use NARM.  The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is authorized under Section 274 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (AEA), as amended, to enter into agreements with the Governor of any State providing for the discontinuance of the regulatory authority of the NRC within that State. Under this agreement, the State assumes regulatory authority for the use of by-product, source, and special nuclear material in quantities not sufficient to form critical mass. The State of North Dakota entered into such an agreement with the NRC on September 1, 1969.

Table of Contents:

Routine Activities of the Radioactive Material Program - what we do

Information & Publications - useful information and publications of the Radiation Control Program

Licensing of Radioactive Material - what you need to know about licensing in North Dakota

Rules & Forms - the North Dakota Radiological Health Rules and common forms used by the Radiation Control Program

Reciprocity - what it means, and how to get it

Groups of Licensees - a description of the types of licensees currently operating in North Dakota

Radiation Incidents - how to contact us if you need to report an incident or accident involving radioactive material

Information About Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material - what is NORM and how is it different from other RAM?

2017 Fees & 2018 Fees - Schedule of Fees for 2017 and 2018









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