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Dave Stradinger, Environmental Scientist
Karen Deibert, Environmental Scientist
Allan Knapp, Environmental Scientist
Brooke Olson, Environmental Scientist
Wyatt Peterson, Environmental Scientist
Dale Patrick, MS, Manager

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Routine activities of the radioactive materials section

Radioactive Materials staff are involved in a variety of radiation protection activities, including:

  1. Licensing of approximately 160 facilities to possess and use by-product, source, special nuclear material (in quantities not sufficient to form critical mass), accelerator produced material, and Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM)
  2. Processing approximately 40 amendments to state licenses annually
  3. Performing approximately 60 inspections of North Dakota licensed radioactive material users annually
  4. Performing approximately 3 investigations of radiation incidents annually
  5. Provide assistance and consultations to companies that produce Technically Enhanced Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (TENORM) waste
  6. Assisting in the Department's emergency response efforts involving radioactive material

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