Community Health

Cancer Prevention and Control
The Division of Cancer Prevention and Control works to increase cancer prevention and awareness by engaging in partnerships, collecting and reporting data, assuring quality data, providing public and professional education, and assuring availability of quality services for screening, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

Children's Special Health Services
The Division of Children's Special Health Services provides services for children with special health-care needs and their families and promotes family-centered, community-based, coordinated services and systems of health care.

Chronic Disease
The Division of Chronic Disease works to prevent chronic diseases and improve quality of life for North Dakota residents by promoting healthy behaviors, supporting health care improvement measures, developing community policies and practices and increasing disease risk awareness.

Family Health
The Division of Family Health provides funding, technical assistance, training, needs assessment, educational materials and other resources to local public health units, universities, schools and other public and private entities that offer health services in North Dakota communities.

Injury Prevention and Control
The Division of Injury Prevention and Control works to reduce the frequency and severity of intentional and unintentional injuries to North Dakotans through policy development, data surveillance, public awareness, professional trainings, funding, advocacy and partnerships.

Nutrition and Physical Activity
The Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity promotes healthy eating and physical activity in order to prevent and reduce overweight, obesity, and related chronic diseases. WIC offers healthy food and helps families choose healthier ways of eating.