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Legislative Update

The 63rd Legislative Assembly convened in January of this year. Although more than 800 bills have been introduced, relatively few have a direct impact on the work of the Division of Disease Control. Here is a summary of the bills that we are following/tracking or providing testimony on.

HB 1088 - The department supported this bill that allows the state health officer's written orders to have the same effect as a physician's standing orders. This has passed the House and will now be heard in the Senate.

HB 1165 - The department supported this bill that would have mandated adult immunizations be entered into the North Dakota Immunization Information System (NDIIS) and require non-compliant providers be reported to the appropriate licensing board for possible disciplinary action. This bill failed in the House.

HB 1314 - This bill adds a layer of confidentiality to genetic testing performed on people and allows for certain exemptions. The department tracked this one and provided recommendations for amendments. The concern with the original bill is that it may apply to diagnostic testing, especially for those tests that detect DNA or RNA of infectious agents. An additional concern addressed by the amendments was public health testing that is performed often to aid in understanding the epidemiology of a disease cluster. This bill has passed the House as amended and will now go to the Senate.

HB 1038 and SB 2193 - Both of these bills establish an autism registry. Disease Control is monitoring these bills because there is a potential that our electronic disease reporting system could be used to host the autism registry. HB 1038 has passed through the House and will move on to the Senate. SB 2193 has passed the Senate and will now be heard by the House.

SB 2250 - This bill defines the confidentiality of electronic health data shared with the State's Health Information Network, which is currently under development. We are monitoring to make sure the law will not interfere with disease surveillance or the exchange of immunization records.  This bill has passed the Senate and will now be heard by the House.

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