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Reporting Requirements

Healthcare providers are required by law to report all TB cases to the North Dakota Department of Health. 

Who Can Report?

Each individual who makes a diagnosis of or provides medical services to a person with active TB.

Examples include: M.D.s, D.O.s, nurses, pharmacists, nursing home administrators, radiology technicians, respiratory therapists, medical examiners, medical technologists and infection control officers.

What Information Does the Health Department Need?

  • Patient demographic information including name, address, home telephone number, date of birth, race and sex.

  • Pertinent diagnostic information including, but not limited to, results of Mantoux skin tests, laboratory tests, radiographic examinations and physical examinations.

  • Name and telephone number of the diagnosing physician or the individual submitting the report.

How Can You Report?

You can call the state health department directly at 800.472.2180 or you can contact a TB controller at your local public health unit (who will, in turn, notify the state health department).

Click here for contact information for local public health units.

Subsequent Status Reports

After a TB case has been reported, the health department will periodically follow up with the healthcare provider to obtain information about treatment status, etc.


A person has active TB when either of the following occurs:

(a) A culture specimen taken from any source has tested positive for tuberculosis and the person has not completed an appropriate prescribed course of medication for TB disease, or

(b) There is current radiologic, clinical or laboratory evidence sufficient to establish a medical diagnosis of TB for which treatment is indicated and the person has not completed an appropriate prescribed course of medication for TB.