Funding Area Grant Information

Please read the attached documents thoroughly. The memo includes the grant timeline pertaining to application dates and reward dates, etc.

A hard-copy of these documents have also been mailed via USPS as well as emailed to all squad leaders across North Dakota.

There will be a state-wide informational video conference held on Thursday April 25 at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend and we hope this session will be helpful in your efforts to apply for the Rural EMS Assistance Fund grants. Please email DEMST ( with your plans to attend and the location from which you plan to connect.

Be advised that this application may not be handwritten. Electronic copies must be completed and/or saved on your computer, printed, signed and then returned to DEMST before the deadline of June 17, 2013.

Adobe reader may be used to open and complete the below fillable forms.

Funding Area Grant Information Letter

Funding Area Grant Guidance

Funding Area Grant Application (fillable pdf)

Volunteer Ambulance Service Sustainability: A Self-Assessment Tool

Additional Financial Information Form (fillable pdf)

Additional Self-Assessment Score Sheet (fillable pdf)

The Financial Information Form and the Self-Assessment Score Sheet are included with the Funding Area Grant Application, but are included here as separate documents as well since each of these needs to be submitted for each ambulance service within a funding area. If there is only one ambulance service within the applying funding area, these additional documents will not be needed.

Also note: If an ambulance service has prepared financial statements, these may be provided in lieu of this form.