The protocols developed by the North Dakota Department of Health are meant to be used as general guidance for developing protocols for individual emergency medical services agencies.  These sample protocols are not meant to be medical or legal advice; nor do they establish standards of care.  Each emergency medical services agency must tailor protocols based on their specific needs or capabilities.  Local medical directors must be consulted with and approve any protocol(s) prior to becoming operational in an emergency medical services agency.

Funding for this project was provided by the North Dakota Department of Health-
Division of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma and the
Emergency Medical Services for Children Program

Suggested Protocols

General Operations 2013
Miscellaneous Protocol Documents 2013

BLS Adult 2013
BLS Pediatric 2013

AEMT Adult 2013
AEMT Pediatric 2013

ALS Adult 2013
ALS Pediatric 2013

ILS Adult 2007
ILS Pediatric 2007