ND Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team

Providing Care for the Care Providers

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The State CISM Team

he ND Critical Incident Stress Management Team is composed of emergency service personnel and mental health professionals that volunteer their time, energy and resources. Team members receive special training and make a commitment to serve on the ND CISM Team.

Debriefing, Defusing and Proactive Services
Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel - including law enforcement, firefighters, ambulance attendants and others - are subjected to stress-inducing events as part of their normal day-to-day activity. At times, an extraordinary event occurs that produces unusually high levels of stress. High stress levels can also be a result of an accumulation of continued events. These stressful situations may lead to unhealthy habits or possibly even leaving the EMS field. The North Dakota Department of Health (DoH) established a critical incident stress management (CISM) system in order to provide assistance in developing healthy stress-coping mechanisms and to assist in the retention of EMS personnel.

Who We Serve
All Emergency Services / Responders including:  Ambulance services, Quick Response Units, Dispatching Agencies, Fire / Rescue, Law Enforcement.

System Activation
North Dakota's CISM system can be activated by calling State Radio at 701.328.9921 seven days a week, 24 hours a day (page 6501) or by contacting the DEMST office (701.328.2388 or 866.382.3367) during regular business hours. Upon request, the State CISM Coordinator will contact a CISM regional coordinator who will assemble a local team of CISM responders available for assistance at a mutually agreed upon time and place. The number of CISM responders will be directly related to the number of EMS personnel expected to participate in the CISM debriefing.

Upon calling to request a CISM debriefing the State CISM Coordinator will need some basic information:

  1. Contact information
  2. Event
  3. Time / date of event
  4. Participants (EMS, law enforcement, fire, etc and number of each)
  5. Possible preferred date of debriefing

DEMST in cooperation with the Division of Emergency Services (DES) provides proactive training sessions to the North Dakota EMS community that teach healthy stress-coping practices and give an overview of the critical incident stress debriefing process, as well as trainings for new CISM team members as funding allows.

There is no charge for the CISM service.

For more information or for copies of the CISM brochure, contact DEMST

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