North Dakota Quick Response Units (QRU)

QRU Licensure requirements can be found in NDAC 33-11 (33-11-01.1)

Quick Response Units (QRU) are organizations that provide care to patients while an ambulance is enroute to the scene of an emergency. They may be organized as part of a law enforcement agency, a fire department or a stand alone agency whose only purpose is to provide quick response services. QRUs do not transport patients. QRUs must be affiliated with an ambulance service or operate under the guidance of their own medical director.

Quick Response Unit Application (pdf)


  • Availability: There are no availability requirements for QRUs. These requirements were repealed as of 7/1/2010.
  • Staffing: One person certified at the EMR/First Reponder level or higher
  • Equipment:

    1.      Automated external defibrillator.

    2.      Blood pressure manometer, cuff in child, adult, and large adult sizes; and stethoscope.

    3.      Disposable gloves - four pair of each size small, medium, and large.

    4.      One blunt shears.

    5.      One portable suction device with catheter.

    6.      One portable oxygen unit size "D" with variable flowmeter.

    7.      Two nasal cannulas and two nonrebreather masks with supply tubing.

    8.      Nasopharyngeal airways in adult and child sizes.

    9.      Oropharyngeal airways in adult, child, and infant sizes.

    10.    Two cold packs.

    11.    Four hot packs.

    12.    Two space blankets.

    13.    Twelve four-by-four sterile gauze pads.

    14.    Three sterile soft roller self-adhering bandages.

    15.    Four rolls of tape.

    16.    Two sterile occlusive dressings.

    17.    One sterile multitrauma dressing approximately ten inches (25.4 centimeters) by thirty-six inches (91.44 centimeters).

    18.    One sterile burn sheet or its equivalent.

    19.    Equipment case.

    20.    Equipment storage - readily accessible and safe from the elements.