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Certificate of Immunizations CDC
Vaccine Administration Record 2017 Immunization Schedule (0-18 years)
Vaccine Coverage Table 2017 Immunization Schedule (Adults)
Vaccine Transfer Form 2017 Catch-Up Schedule
VFC Vaccine Borrow/Return Form  
VIS - Vaccine Information Statements NDDoH
Vaccine Contraindication Screening Checklist for Children and Teens Schedule Using Pediarix
Vaccine Contraindication Screening Checklist for Adults Schedule Using Pentacel
After the Shots.  What to do if your has discomfort.  
Vaccine Specific Information Provider Enrollment
2017 - 2018 Influenza Vaccine Dosage Chart  Prevention Partnership Enrollment Forms
2017 - 2018 Influenza Vaccine Algorithm   
NDIIS Influenza Vaccine Abbreviations  
NDIIS Vaccine Abbreviations  
Hib Vaccination Algorithm  
HPV Algorithm
Varicella Vaccination Algorithm
Pneumococcal Vaccination Algorithm for Adults Over 65  
Responding to Parental Refusals or Delays of Immunization of Children  
Program Policies Temperature Monitoring
Vaccine Management Plan TemplateUPDATED Celsius - Refrigerator
Fraud and Abuse Policy Celsius - Freezer
North Dakota Vaccine Loss Policy Fahrenheit - RefrigeratorUPDATED
VFC Questions and Answers Fahrenheit - Freezer
2017 NDDoH Vaccine Management Policy Celsius - Transport Log
  Fahrenheit - Transport LogUPDATED
"Do Not Unplug" Circuit Breaker Sign
"Do Not Unplug" Electrical Outlet Sign
Vaccine Manufacturers' Phone NumbersUPDATED
  Fridge-Tag®2 Fact Sheet
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Be Wise - Immunize Activity Book Guidance for Purchasing Thermometers
Vaccine Safety Fact Sheet Guidance for Purchasing Refrigerator/Freezers
  Vaccine Transport RecommendationsUPDATED
  Best Practices for Storage and HandlingUPDATED
Vaccine Storage Troubleshooting GuideUPDATED
International Travel Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)
International Travel Risk Assessment VAERS Website
International Travel Health Kit  
Traveling Internationally While Pregnant  
International Travel for Humanitarians