The North Dakota Chapter of the American Public Works Association is an organization of individuals who are interested in the :

  • Advancement of the theory and practice of the design, construction, maintenance, administration, and operation of public works facilities and services.

  • Dissemination of information and experience.

  • Promotion of improved practices in public works administration.

  • The North Dakota Chapter is one of 65 local chapters in the US and Canada which make up the American Public Works Association (APWA). Each chapter is operated by the elected Executive Committee, with minimal guidance and leadership from the national organization.

    The North Dakota Chapter membership comes from the geographic area of the entire state and is made up of local and state governmental officials, consulting engineers, and representatives of companies that provide public works equipment, supplies, and services. There are several classes of membership: individual, associate, corporate and public agency membership. An active member can be elected to the Executive Committee and receives a copy of the APWA Reporter.

    The APWA Reporter is a monthly publication which presents new technical advances in all aspects of public works, as well as advertisement by equipment and chemical suppliers. The newsletter is a publication which presents functions sponsored by APWA and legislative action which affects the public works community.

    North Dakota Chapter active members pay yearly dues of $122 directly to the APWA�s national offices.

    The Executive Committee holds three meetings annually to plan activities for Public Works Week and to coordinate presentations at the fall joint conference with the North Dakota Water Environment Association, the North Dakota Water and Pollution Control Conference, and the North Dakota Section of the American Water Works Association. Public Works Week is held in May, and the joint conference is held in September or October.

    The North Dakota Chapter promotes Drinking Water Week in North Dakota. This Annual event is dedicated to the belief that North Dakotans should have a safe and dependable supply of water, both now and in the future. Citizens are called upon to protect the State�s source waters from pollution. Drinking Water Week recognizes the importance of water source protection and conservation, as well as the value, importance and fragility of State�s water resources. The Chapter also sponsors scholarships to public works professionals and recognizes public works projects with awards.

    For more information, contact Chuck Abel, Executive Secretary, at 701.328.5207.