Criteria for Medicolegal Autopsy

During this interim period, while we continue to search for our new forensic examiner, priority for medicolegal autopsies is being given to SIDS cases, homicides and charred remains. Other cases may be accepted for autopsy, depending on circumstances and the county coroner's findings

  1. All gunshot wound or other firearm injury deaths, regardless of manner
  2. Suspected drug overdoses
  3. Industrial and farm accidents
  4. Deaths in police custody, in state institutions, or in pursuit of by law enforcement
  5. Fire related deaths
  6. Unexpected child and infant deaths
  7. Deaths with criminal charges pending or with suspicious circumstances
  8. Traffic fatalities where criminal charges are pending
  9. Traffic fatalities without obvious death causing injuries
  10. Deaths that occur at work sites
  11. Victims of drowning or suspected exposure
  12. Persons with questionable identity
  13. Deaths where the cause and manner of death are in question
  14. Suspicious skeletal or near skeletal remains
  15. All Suicides, by any means or method
  16. All homicides, or deaths related  to homicides, recent or old
  17. All underaged, unlicensed vehicle operator(s)