Deaths to Report to Coroner

As listed in the North Dakota Century Code 11-19.1-01 part 5:

  1. Obvious or suspected homicidal, suicidal, or accidental injury
  2. Firearm injury
  3. Severe, unexplained injury
  4. Occupant or pedestrian motor vehicle injury
  5. An injury to a minor
  6. Fire, chemical, electrical, or radiation
  7. Starvation
  8. Unidentified or skeletonized human remains
  9. Drowning
  10. Suffocation, smothering, or strangulation
  11. Poisoning or illegal drug use
  12. Prior child abuse or neglect assessment concerns
  13. Open child protection service case on the victim
  14. Victim is in the custody of the department of human services, county social services, the department of corrections and rehabilitation or other correctional facility, or law enforcement
  15. Unexplainable death or death in an undetermined manner
  16. Suspected sexual assault
  17. Any other suspicious factor