Underground Injection Control Program

Class V Systems

Class V wells inject nonhazardous fluids into or above a USDW and are typically shallow, on-site disposal systems, such as floor and sink drains which discharge directly or indirectly to groundwater, dry wells, leach fields, and similar types of drainage wells. Injection practices or wells which are NOT covered by the UIC Program include other individual residential waste disposal systems that inject ONLY sanitary waste and commercial waste disposal systems that serve fewer than 20 persons that inject ONLY sanitary waste

New rules for some types of Class V systems were passed by US EPA in April 2000. The state of North Dakota adopted the new rules in March 2001.  Click here for a  summary fact sheet of the new rules.

Some of the new rules will be specifically related to Source Water Protection Areas or other sensitive groundwater areas in North Dakota.  Sensitive Groundwater Areas are vulnerable hydrogeologic settings such as glacial outwash deposits or alluvial or aeolian sand deposits that are critical to protecting current or future underground sources of drinking water. 

For more information on how these new rules may affect your facility call Derek Kannenberg at 701.328.5210, or email to dkannenberg@nd.gov.


Designated Sensitive Groundwater Area Map 

Class V Rule Revision Summary Fact Sheet (.pdf format)


Last Updated: 01/26/2015