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News Release


For Immediate Release
March 11, 2005

For More Information, Contact:

Carl Anderson

Division of Water Quality

North Dakota Department of Health

Phone: 701.328.5213

E-mail: cjanders@nd.gov



Media Advisory

National Groundwater Awareness Week


BISMARCK, N.D.  In recognition of National Groundwater Awareness Week March 13 through 19, 2005, the North Dakota Department of Health is providing a package of information for use by news media throughout the state.


In North Dakota, protecting groundwater is one of the primary functions of the departments Division of Water Quality. It may not always be visible, but groundwater is the source of half the drinking water supplies in the United States, said Scott Radig, Groundwater Protection Program manager for the Department of Health. Even though it is out of sight, groundwater should not be far out of mind.


Included in the package of information for the media are five articles and a fact sheet about groundwater. The articles include:

  • Article #1. Sixty percent of all North Dakotans rely on groundwater for their primary source of drinking water. For rural populations, the figure is 97 percent.
  • Article #2. Groundwater is an important source of surface water.
  • Article #3. Approximately 90 percent of community water supplies that provide drinking water to homes, restaurants, day-care centers, campgrounds, office buildings, factories, hospitals, schools, etc., come from groundwater systems.
  • Article #4. In the ongoing effort to preserve and protect groundwater, strict regulations control the disposal of substances that, unregulated, could affect drinking water in the United States.
  • Article #5. The volume of groundwater is decreasing in many parts of the United States.


The groundwater articles may be accessed at www.ndhealth.gov/WQ/GW/AwarenessWeek/. For more information about groundwater issues, contact Carl Anderson at 701.328.5210.


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