Water Well Construction

Construction Standards
Construction of water wells and installation of pumps and pitless units is regulated under Water Well Construction Rules - NDAC 33-18-01

Construction of monitoring wells is regulated under Groundwater Monitoring Well Construction Rules - NDAC 33-18-02.

Water Well Contractor Licensing
All drilling and construction of water wells or monitoring wells and installation of water well pumps or pitless units must be performed by a contractor certified by the North Dakota State Board of Water Well Contractors. This does not restrict someone from constructing a well for their own use on their own property. 

The certified water well contractor, pump and pitless unit installer, or monitoring well contractor whose decal is on the primary equipment shall actually be in charge of its operation. A person is in charge only when the person has actual supervisory power over the work and makes onsite inspections of the work and progress.

Rules for certification of drilling contractors or pump installers are found in State Board of Water Well Contractors - NDAC 90-01 and 90-02.

The contact person for the ND Board of Water Well Contractors is:
Doug Davison
email:  djdavison@nd.gov

office hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings

List of Certified Contractors

Please Note: In addition to certification by the ND Board of Water Well Contractors, all in-state and out-of-state water well contractors or pump and pitless unit installers must be certified to do business in North Dakota, and also have a general contractor's license if the charge for any job is $2000 or greater.  These certifications and licenses are administered through the North Dakota Secretary of State's Office.  Click Information for Contractors or call 701.328.2900 for more information.

Direct Push Probe (Geoprobe) Contractor Licensing
The installation of direct push boreholes and construction of temporary monitoring wells in these boreholes must be performed under the supervision of a North Dakota certified monitoring well contractor or water well contractor.  This applies to all environmental investigations.  An exception is boreholes advanced above an aquifer for the sole purpose of determining the local stratigraphy. 


For questions regarding construction of public water supply wells or environmental investigations please contact:
Carl Anderson
email:  cjanders@nd.gov


Last Updated: 08/24/2015