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  Project Evaluation/Prioritization Worksheets

  Draft Project Proposals

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  Water Quality Fact Sheets

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Program Information

  2014 Integrated Report - 305(b) Water Quality Assessment Report  &  303(d) List of Waters Needing TMDLs

  2015 - 2020 NPS Management Plan

  2016 Cost Share Guidelines

  GRTS - Grant Reporting and Tracking System



Evaluation/Prioritization Worksheets

  Draft Project Proposal Review

    Draft Watershed Project Evaluation Worksheet

    Draft Support Project Evaluation Worksheet

    Draft Information/Education Project Evaluation Worksheet


FY 2018 Draft Project Proposals


     Antelope Creek Phase IV
     Danzig Dam Hailstone Creek Watershed
     Lower Sheyenne Sediment Reduction Project
     Maple River Watershed
     Park River Watershed
     Red River Riparian Program Phase VI
     Wild Rice - Sargent County Restoration Phase III


     Livestock Pollution Prevention Program Phase VI


     Statewide Eco Ed Program
     North Dakota Envirothon Program
     Menoken Farm Project
     Prairie Waters Education & Research Center
     Soil & Water Conservation Management


Water Quality Fact Sheets

Water Quality Monitoring

Biological Indicators

Coliform Bacteria

Dissolved Oxygen




Total Suspended Solids



Success Stories

   Cottonwood Creek

   Powers Lake

   Wild Rice River 



Past Projects


    Powers Lake Watershed – Phase III
    English Coulee Watershed
    Wild Rice River Restoration and Riparian Project – Phase III
    Spiritwood Lake Watershed
    Middle Sheyenne River Watershed
    ND Stockmen’s Environmental Services Program – Phase IV
    ND Riparian Ecological Site Description Development – Phase II
    ND Livestock Pollution Prevention Program – Phase IV
    NPS BMP Team
    The Regional Environmental Education Series (TREES)
    Rancher Mentoring and Outreach Program
    Prairie Waters Education and Research Center

  Antelope Creek/Wild Rice River - Phase III
  Upper Turtle River Watershed
  Spring Creek Watershed
  Timber Coulee Watershed
  Livestock Pollution Prevention - Phase III  Discovery Farms Phase II
  Eastern ND Soil Salinity Demo
  ND Envirothon
  Menoken Farm Soil Food Web Phase II
  ND Water Wisdom Education Program
  Prairie Waters Education Center
  Project WET

Wild Rice River Restoration Phase II
Sheyenne River Sediment Reduction - Barnes County
Baldhill Creek Watershed Project
Cannonball-Dogtooth Creek Watershed Project
Homme Dam Watershed Project
Maple River-Buffalo Creek Watershed Project
Livestock Pollution Prevention Phase III
Red River Riparian Project Phase IV
Nutrient Managment Education Specialist Program

Beaver Creek/Seven Mile Coulee
Statewide Eco Ed
Project WET
ND Stockmens
Stutsman County Manure Management
Turtle Creek - McLean County



Mike Ell - 328.5214
Greg Sandness - 328.5232

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