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Municipal and Industrial Treatment Program

Municipal and Industrial Treatment Program Coordinators:

Marty Haroldson  E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5234
Duane Sandvick  E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5260
Jeff Roerick  E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5240
Dallas Grossman  E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5242
Brady Espe  E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5228
Patrick Schuett  E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5235
Sarah Waldron Feld  E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5237
Sarah Starr E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5215
Bill Giuliani E-mail
Phone:  701.328.5285
Fax:  701.328.5200

Mail: 918 East Divide Avenue, 4th Floor
        Bismarck, ND 58501-1947

Summary of application process, including timeline
  • North Dakota's NPDES program is responsible for regulating discharges of pollutants from point sources into waters of the state. Any discharge of wastwater from a point source must have a NDPDES permit prior to discharging to be in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • For a new point source, a completed NDPDES appication must be submitted for review. Review of the application, developing the permit, providing 30 days for public comment and finalizing the permit may take up to 180 days. Each permit takes into account site specific information to limit discharges so that the state's water quality standards are met.
  • If a facility meets the requirements for coverage under a general permit, they may request coverage under that permit, a process which may take 30 to 60 days.
  • The Department does not issue individual permits limits prior to completing the permit review process, however facilities treating domestic wastewater may expect to meet limits similar to those in the general permits for discharges from waste stabilization ponds and domestic waterwater treatment facilities (NDG-120000, NDG-220000, NDG-320000, NDG-420000). For information on the classification of various water bodies in North Dakota, please refer to the state water quality standards.
  • Domestic wastewater treatment systems must also be reviewed and approved by the Division of Municipal Facilities.
General Permit NDG-120000 General Permit NDG-220000 General Permit NDG-320000
General Permit NDG-420000 General Permit NDG-520000  
Permit Application Form 1 Permit Application Form 2A (POTWs) Permit Application Form 2D (New Sources)
Permit Application Short Form A (Word document) Permit Application Short Form A (pdf document) Notice of Intent Form NDG-520000
(Water Treatment Plants and Potable Water Systems)

For other types of permit applications please contact the Division of Water Quality at (701) 328-5210.

Additional Information:

Standards of Quality for Waters of the State - NDAC 33-16-02.1 (pdf)

NPDES Rules - NDAC 33-16-01 (pdf)

Modular Treatment Package Plants Guidance (pdf)

Wastewater Stabilization Pond Operation Factsheet (pdf)

EPA has a website that provides a great deal of information on Municipal treatment of waste water. 

Last Updated: 10/13/2017