Our Vision

The North Dakota NPS Program vision is to abate all NPS pollution threats and impairments to the beneficial uses of the waters of the state.

Our Mission

The North Dakota NPS Management Program mission is to implement a voluntary, incentive-based program that restores and protects the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of waters where the beneficial uses are threatened or impaired due to nonpoint sources of pollution.

Our Goals

Coordinate with the Total Maximum Daily Load Program (TMDL Program) and local partners to assess 15 priority watersheds to document the beneficial use conditions as well as the sources and causes of NPS pollutants impairing beneficial uses of the waterbodies within the watersheds.

In cooperation with local partners, develop and implement watershed restoration or protection plans for 15 priority sub-watersheds. Success of these projects will be defined by restoration of impaired uses; applied best management practices (BMPs) and progress toward pollutant load reductions described in the approved watershed-based plans.

Through multiple forms of media at the state and local level, increase public awareness and understanding of water quality and beneficial use impairments associated with NPS pollution as well as the sources and causes of NPS pollution in the state.

Program Factsheet

Contact Information

Greg Sandness, NPS Coordinator
Postal address
        918 East Divide Avenue, 4th Floor, Gold Seal Center, Bismarck N.D., 58501-1947
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