Oil & Gas Well Registrations

How to Guide

To aid in completing oil and gas well registrations, the Department has developed this step-by-step guide.

Questions may be addressed to the North Dakota Department of Health at 701.328.5188, or email Adam Rookey (arookey@nd.gov).

Oil and Gas Well Registration

An oil/gas production facility registration form (SFN 14334) and an analysis of any gas produced from the well must be submitted to the North Dakota Department of Health for any oil or gas well.

The registration form and COMPLETE packet must be submitted to the Department within 90 days of the completion or re-completion of the well.

Oil/Gas Production Facility Registration (SFN 14334)

Below is an example of a completed SFN 14334 with notes.

SECTION A — General Information

SECTION B — Facility Data

SECTION C — Gas Information

SECTION D — Equipment

SECTION E — Emissions

SECTION F — Comments

Emissions Calculation Workbook

Example of Completed Emissions Calculation Workbook

Gas Analysis

Example of a Gas Analysis

Oil & Gas Documents and Bakken Guidance

Due to the unique properties of the Bakken, Three Forks, and Sanish formations, the Department has developed special guidelines and regulations related to the air quality requirements of facilities producing and processing oil and gas from these formations. Many of these documents apply to other non-Bakken, Three Forks, or Sanish wells.

Document Name

Rev. Date

Doc Type

Memo to Operators About Guidance Document 02 May 2011 Policy
Oil and Gas Production Facilities Guidance (aka Bakken Guidance) 02 May 2011 Policy
Emission Calculation Workbook (.xls) 07 March 2013 Form
Well Registration Form (SFN 14334) 10-13 Form
Example of Completed Well Registration Form (SFN 14334)* 05-15 Form-Example
Examples of Completed Emission Calculation Workbook* 05-15 Form-Example
Examples of Gas Analysis* 05-15 Form-Example
Regulation Summary 01-13 Policy
Bakken Pool Oil & Gas Guidance Policy Method 22 Clarification 10 October 2011 Policy
NDDoH Clarification of VOC Emission Responsibilities for Oil & Gas Facilities Producing Prior to June 1, 2011 07-11 Policy
Air Pollution Control Equipment Operations (August) 20 August 2012 Policy
Air Pollution Control Equipment Operations (October) 19 October 2012 Policy
Storage Vessels at Oil & Gas Non-Production Facilities 27 May 2015 Policy
Storage Vessel Guidance 09 October 2013 Policy
ND Storage Vessel Registration Cover Letter 09 October 2013 Policy
ND Spreadsheet for Storage Vessel Guidance 09 October 2013 Policy
Memo & EPA Compliance Alert forAir Emissions at Oil and Gas Production Storage Vessels 19 October 2015 Policy

* All three, completed SFN 14334, completed Emission Calculation Workbook, and Gas Analysis must be submitted to the department within 90 days of first production. Failure to submit a complete registration packet for a new or re-completed well, within the 90 days, may be subject to enforcement action.

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