Dave Stradinger, Environmental Scientist
Karen Deibert, Environmental Scientist

Brooke Olson, Environmental Scientist
Allan Knapp, Environmental Scientist
Wyatt Peterson, Environmental Scientist
Dale Patrick, MS, Manager

Phone: 701.328.5188
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Licensed NORM/TENORM Waste Processing Facilities

The Companies listed below are approved by the Department as NORM/TENORM Waste Processing Facilities.  This list is provided for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement of any particular company.  Although the list is being continually updated, some licensees may not yet be listed.  Please contact the department for the most up-to-date information and for general questions on NORM or TENORM.

Licensed NORM/TENORM Waste Processing Facilities
Philotechnics Ltd.
(not specific to NORM or TENORM)
201 Renovare Boulevard
Oak Ridge, TN  37830
Phone:  (865) 285-3018
Toll Free:  (888) 723-9278
Fax:  (865) 220-0686
IHD Liquids Management, LLC
14071 - 42nd Street NW
Williston, ND  58801
Phone:  (701) 774-8511
Republic Services/Trevita, LLC
14391 - 39th Street NW
Alexander, ND  58831
Phone:  (701) 572-4506
All Clear Environmental, LLC
12270 38th Street NW
Watford City, ND  58544
Phone:  (701) 421-8760
Fax:  (701) 425-0161
Badlands Power Fuels, LLC
  dba Nuverra Environmental Solutions

3711 4th Avenue NE
Watford City, ND  58854
Phone:  (701) 842-3618
Secure Energy Services at Keene
3905 109th Ave NW
Keene, ND  58847
Phone:  (701) 633-7439
Secure Energy Services at Stanley
4802 Hwy 8
Stanley, ND  58784
Phone: (701) 609-5649

Secure Energy Services at Williston
6440 Hwy 85
Williston, ND  58801
Phone:  (701) 609-5606
R360 Williston Basin, LLC
2 Plants PDI Treating Plant
102 C10 52nd St. NW
Tioga, ND  58852
Phone:  (701) 664-3383
Newalta Environmental Services, Inc.
1801 California Street, 50th Floor
Denver, CO  80202
Phone:  (303) 589-4270
Wisco, Inc
15495 Hwy 2
Williston, ND  58801
Phone:  (701) 572-2135
Horizon Oilfield Services, LLC
1525 BioScience Drive
Worthington, MN  56187
Phone:  (310) 738-2010
Nuverra Environmental Solutions
3711 4th Ave. NE
Watford City, ND  58854
Phone:  (701) 842-3618
Dakota Blu DBA Berg Specialty Fluids-Holding, LLC
9088 95th Street NW
Columbus, ND  58767
Phone:  (701) 339-0265
White Wing Limited, LLC
14448 34th St. NW
Alexander, ND  58831
Phone:  (701) 706-0902


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