2013 Radon Posters
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What should you look for:
1. Is the poster eye-catching?
2. Does the poster show appealing artistic ability?
3. Does the artist get one of the following radon messages across:
           a.  What is Radon?
           b.  Where is Radon found?
           c.  Where does Radon come from?
           d.  What are the health effects of Radon?
           e.  Depict a home Radon test being performed.
           f.  Depict a home Radon mitigation being performed.
           g.  Depict a house structure undergoing Radon Resistant New Construction.
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Contact Information
  • Justin Otto - North Dakota Department of Health
  • Electronic mail address: jotto@nd.gov
  • Office phone: 701.328.5188
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