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Section 33-10-02-08, Report of Changes, page 2-5 of the North Dakota Radiological Health Rules (NDRHR) states:

The registrant shall notify the department, in writing, before making any change which would render the information contained in the application for registration or the notice of registration no longer accurate.

To indicate a change of status relative to the registration of radiation machines, the registrant must complete a "Radiation Machine Registration Change of Status Notification" form. Examples of changes which require notification include, but are not limited to:

  • Change in ownership of X-ray equipment,

  • Change in address (physical location),

  • Change in Name of Person in Charge of Radiation Protection,

  • New Radiation Machine, or

  • Addition or removal of an X-ray system.

The Change of Status application shall be signed and dated by the person responsible for compliance with the NDRHR, then returned to the Department at the address indicated on the reverse side of the form.

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