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Whenever any radiation machine is to be brought into the state, for any temporary use, the person proposing to bring such machine into the state shall give written notice to the Department at least three days before such machine is to be used in the State. [North Dakota Radiological Health Rules 33-10-02-11.1]

  1. Apply to the Department for reciprocity registration.
    As indicated above, application for registration must be made three days prior to using an out-of-state radiation machine in North Dakota. You may obtain a registration form (SFN-7590) by
    contacting the Department or you may download it from our forms page.

  2. Section 33-10-02-11, page 2-6 of the North Dakota Radiological Health Rules (NDRHR) contains a list of information to be submitted along with the application for reciprocity registration.
    You may obtain a copy of the above section by contacting the
    Department or you may download it from our rules page.

  3. Complete registration form and remit fee.
    The application shall be completed, signed and dated by the person responsible for compliance with the NDRHR. The fee ($350) is for each machine and covers a one-year registration period. The initial fee and renewal fee are the same. Remittance shall be included with the registration application and made payable to the
    North Dakota Department of Health.

  4. Compile information required by Section 33-10-02-11 and submit to the Department.
    The information contained in this submission shall include the type of radiation machine; the nature, duration, and scope of use; the exact location where the radiation machine is to be used; and the names and addresses where the machine users can be reached while in the state.

  5. Issuance of a certified copy of the registration.
    Following Department review and approval of registration, the registrant is issued a certified copy of the registration and a registration tab to be affixed to the control console of the x-ray machine. For new registrants, the Department also issues a copy of the NDRHR.

  • If the three-day notification period would impose an undue hardship on the person, for a specific case, the registrant may apply to the Department for permission to proceed sooner.

  • The registrant shall supply the Department with such other information as the Department may request and shall not operate in the state in excess of 180 calendar days per year.


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