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Reciprocity - what it means, and how to get it

Reciprocity (recognition of license from other jurisdictions) approvals granted to out of state licensees are valid for one year; which then allows the authorized company to use radioactive material in N.D. for up to 180 days in that year, provided they fully comply with the requirements of Chapter 33-10-19PDF of the North Dakota Radiological Health Rules.  Please note: Reciprocity expiration notices are not sent out - responsibility for reciprocity renewal remains with the licensee.

Subject to this article, any person who holds a specific license from the U.S. NRC or an agreement state may be granted permission to conduct its activities (as authorized in the license) within North Dakota. To apply for Reciprocity contact our office at 701.328.5188.

Use Form RCP-12, "Request for Radioactive Material Reciprocity"PDF, submit the information below:

  • Written notification to the Department at least three (3) working days prior to entering North Dakota; please specify:
    1. Location and Duration of proposed work
    2. Type and Quantity of Material used
    3. Name(s) and Qualification(s) of Individual Users
    4. Type of proposed possession and use within the state

  • Current copy of the pertinent licensing document from the NRC or Agreement State

  • Current copy of licensee's Operating & Procedures Manual

  • Training of Individual User(s) if not specifically listed on the NRC or Agreement State License

  • Obtain a "Certificate of Authority" from the North Dakota Secretary of State to operate in North Dakota
    Search to See if Your Company is Registered

  • Appropriate Reciprocity Fee for your use of Radioactive Material (See Appendix A of Chapter 33-10-11PDF for Fee Schedule; or Contact us for more information)

(These documents, and other documents available for download, are Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Formatted (*.pdf) files. You will need to install an Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) on your computer before viewing these files. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

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