Cartoons from the "Radioactive News" Newsletter(a.k.a. 'Tever)

The cartoons appearing in the "Radioactive News" newsletter published by the North Dakota Department of Health first appeared in Volume 2, Issue 2 (September 1, 2000) and have continued ever since.  Eventually the cartoons came to be titled: 'Tever, which is a contracted version of the expression, "Whatever!?!?"

Subjects for each cartoon appearing in the newsletter are related to radiation safety, nuclear physics, chemistry, etc. and therefore require a specific sense of humor in order to fully appreciate them.


The Tragedy of Atomic Warfare Series
Cartoon 1 Cartoon 2 Cartoon 3
Old Isotopes...

The New Inspector

A Neutron Walks
Into a Bar...
Cartoon 4 Cartoon 6 Cartoon 5
A Glass of Water A Question of Compatibility Gone Fission
Cartoon 7 A question of compatibility Gone Fission
Are You Paranoid? Inspect-O Bismall Concealed Weapons
cartoon 8 Cartoon 9 Cartoon 10
I've Lost a Neutron    
Cartoon 11    

'Tever is a creation of Justin M. Griffin
[Cartoons may have been inspired by actual events and/or statements of others in the business.]

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