In May of 2000, asthma was identified as a priority and addressed in a state performance measure for Children's Special Health Services in the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant. On Nov. 9, 2000, key partners came together for the first meeting of what was then known as the Children's Asthma Workgroup. In 2001, the name of the workgroup was changed to the North Dakota State Asthma Workgroup to expand the focus to North Dakota residents of all ages.

To date, the workgroup has been instrumental in the creation of the North Dakota State Asthma Action Plan and the North Dakota Anaphylaxis Action Plan. The workgroup was also instrumental in helping pass legislation to enable students to possess and self-administer emergency asthma and anaphylaxis medications and provide training for medical and school personnel to help them meet the requirements of the law.

Resource Booklet for Children with Asthma

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