North Dakota Department of Health Meaningful Use Registration of Intent for Electronic Laboratory Reporting and Syndromic Surveillance

Facilities and providers that wish to attest for the electronic laboratory reporting and/or the syndromic surveillance meaningful use Stage 2 or Stage 3 objectives must first register their intent to do so with the applicable Public Health Authority (PHA), per the guidelines developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) has developed the following registration processes:

  • For Meaningful Use stage one: when you are ready to submit a stage one test message, contact NDDoH at put "Meaningful Use" in the subject line, and provide your contact information and indicate the measures for which you would like to attest in the body. We will then contact you to set up receipt of your stage one test message. No formal registration of intent is required.
  • For Meaningful Use stage two and three: the NDDoH is ready to receive MU stage two and three. when you are ready to begin the onboarding process for ongoing submission with NDDoH, or will be ready within the first sixty days of the next or current EHR reporting period, you must register your intent by submitting the form linked at the bottom of this page. In order to access this form, you must indicate that you have fulfilled our requirements for onboarding by checking the box below. If you do not fulfill the requirements but register your intent to do so regardless, your registration of intent may be rejected by NDDoH. If your registration of intent is rejected, you will need to submit your registration of intent again when you meet our requirements to register for onboarding. Please note: you should not register your intent with the expectation to be queued for onboarding. North Dakota is a small state, and the wait time to onboard may be very short.

Meaningful Use stage 2 or 3 checklist

Please complete the checklist to access the NDDoH registration of intent form for Electronic Laboratory Reporting and/or Syndromic Surveillance measures. For directions on how to connect with the NDDoH Immunization Registry, please go here:

My facility/provider is ready to begin testing and validation for the measure(s) they wish to attest for now, OR my facility/provider will be be ready within the first 60 days of their EHR attestation period, OR my facility/provider is not currently attesting for Meaningful Use public health measures at this time but would like to begin participating the the NDDoH Electronic Health Record and/or Syndromic Surveillance program and is ready to begin testing and validation now.
Facilities/Providers should not register with the expectation to be queued. Facilities/providers connecting via the North Dakota Health Information Network (HIN) are responsible for verifying with the HIN that they will be ready to send test messages within their attestation time frame. The HIN is not a PHA, and connection with the HIN does not automatically equate to a connection with NDDoH.

Please note: you must check the above box to register your intent for Stage 2 measures. By checking this box, you are officially indicating to the North Dakota Department of Health that you are ready to begin the onboarding process, or will be ready in the first 60 days of your attestation period. The North Dakota Department of Health reserves the right to reject your registration of intent at a later date if we discover you are not prepared to begin the onboarding process.