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  • In 2015, there were 18 North Dakota family planning clinic locations, serving clients from all 53 counties.
  • These clients included:
    • 8,662 total clients.
    • 7,297 women.
    • 1,365 men.
  • North Dakota family planning clinic statistics of these clients:
    • 36 percent qualified for free or reduced fees.
    • 36 percent qualified for services free of charge.
    • 84 percent were age 20 or older.
    • 10 percent were age 18 or 19.
    • 6 percent were age 17 or younger.
  • In 2015, the Family Planning Program provided 2,072 Pap tests. Of these, 394 required further evaluation.
  • In 2015, through Title X family planning clinics, a total of 3,614 North Dakota women and 1,217 men received screening for chlamydia, a major cause of infertility.
  • An average woman wanting two children will spend five years pregnant or trying to get pregnant and roughly 30 years trying to prevent pregnancy.
  • A woman with a planned pregnancy is more likely to have a healthy baby. Women with unplanned pregnancies are less likely to get adequate prenatal care.
  • Local family planning services help prevent sexually transmitted infections and abortions.
  • Family planning provides economic benefits to individuals, communities and the state.
  • Young men and women who plan the timing and spacing of the births of their children are more likely to stay in school and obtain a secondary education, which results in more options for employment.
  • North Dakota’s investment in services is highly cost-effective. Nationally, family planning saves $3.74 in public expenditures for every $1 spent.

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