Local-State Executive Committee Guiding Principles

Purpose:  The purpose of this group shall be to:

  1. Serve as a leadership team for local and state staff to voice issues and concerns and work to:
    1. Improve efforts in finding common ground for conflict resolution.
    2. Improve communication between state and local staff.
    3. Improve performance in programs, services and working relations by exploring opportunities, threats or new strategies.
  2. Provide information and recommendations to local and state staff to enhance collaboration and better coordinate program and service delivery.
  3. Assure the principles of collaboration between state and local health officials are met.  Principles were adopted by the ASTHO and NACCHO Joint Council of State and Local Health Officials.  (See attached principles)
  4. Serve as an advisory body to North Dakota state and local health department’s performance improvement and accreditation efforts.
  5. Assure effective processes and infrastructures are established to identify and address emerging issues.
  6. Collaborate on legislative planning and strategy processes.
    1. Invite local public health to provide input when the department of health is completing the optional request priority tool.
    2. Strategize funding requests between local public health units and state department of health.


  1. A collaborative committee membership consisting of five state senior officials and five local senior officials.  Local members will represent different local public health unit structures; single county or city health units and multicounty health units.
  2. Public Health Liaison will coordinate and facilitate meetings and serve as a liaison to the committee.
  3. Public Health Liaison will recruit replacement as members resign and full committee will select new members.
  4. If needed, task forces will be established to address special interests.