ND Adolescent Suicide Prevention Project

Quick Facts on ND Suicide

Age Comparison - Suicide Rates

Teen and Young Adult Risk

ND Suicide Prevention Recent History

Suicide Prevention Strategies for Year 2000

Causes of Death Region VII ND 10-24 Years Old 1992-1996

Key Adolescent Risk Factors

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Indian Children in ND

Indian Children Health Issues

Indian Children Health Funding

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Five Key Suicide Prevention Strategies

UND Mentoring: Drug Behavior Results after 8 months

UND Mentoring: Conflict Behavior after 8 months

UND Mentoring: Mood Changes after 8 months

A Circle of Protection

“We must promote public awareness that suicides are preventable. We must enhance resources in communities for suicide prevention programs and mental and substance abuse disorder assessment and treatment. Dr. David Satcher United States Surgeon General July 28, 1999