Cessation (Quitting) Resources


Helping Adult Smokers Quit

American Cancer Society Quitting Tips

This is a direct link to the American Cancer Society's (ACS) Quitting Tips page. The ACS offers a quitting guide and provides an interactive quiz to help you reveal your smoking patterns and build the best quit plan for you.

American Legacy Foundation®: Quit Smoking

The Quit Smoking section of this website provides links to resources and tips for quitting smoking.

American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking ® Online

Click on the Quit Smoking button and then the Smoking Cessation Support link to find the American Lung Association's popular Freedom From Smoking ® program, now available free online.

Become An Ex

Re-learn life without cigarettes.


QuitNet is an online cessation program that helps you design your own quit plan, lets you ask questions of expert counselors and get support from the QuitNet community. It has a calculator that helps you figure how much money you will save per year and how much time will be added to your life if you quit smoking now.


This online guide will help you quit smoking. It gives reasons for quitting, prepares you to quit, talks about medicines that can help and explains how to manage your cravings, fight urges and keep your guard up.

Helping Young Smokers Quit


This site is a cessation program for teenagers. It gives reasons for quitting, prepares you to quit, talks about medicines that can help and explains how to manage your cravings, fight urges, and keep your guar up.

Helping Pregnant Smokers Quit

National Partnership For Smoke-Free Families

This is a coalition of diverse organizations that have joined forces to improve the health of this and future generations by increasing the number of pregnant smokers who quit smoking.



Helping Smokeless Tobacco Users Quit


This site is funded by the National Cancer Institute and by the Oregon Research Institute, offering assistance to help spit-tobacco users quit mother of two, and by experts who help pregnant women stop smoking.

Helping Providers Find Tobacco-Related Information

Alliance for the Prevention and Treatment of Nicotine Addiction

This site offers slides, handouts, training manuals and links for those working to reduce tobacco-caused morbidity and mortality.

Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence (ATTUD)

ATTUD is an organization of providers dedicated to the promotion of and increased access to evidence-based tobacco treatment for the tobacco user.

Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center

The Mayo Nicotine Dependence Center in Rochester, Minn., offers a variety of programs to help people address their dependence on tobacco and has designed and provided clinical programs that have become the standard in many medical centers. The clinic holds a contract with the North Dakota Department of Health to provide counseling services for the North Dakota Tobacco Quitline.

North American Quitline Consortium

The North American Quitline Consortium seeks to unite health departments, quitline service providers, researchers and national organizations in the United States and Canada to enable these quitline professionals to learn from each other and to improve quitline services.

Professional Assisted Cessation Therapy (PACT)

The PACT is an independent consortium of smoking cessation therapy professionals.

Smoking Cessation Leadership Center

The Smoking Cessation Leadership Center is a national program office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that aims to increase smoking cessation rates and increase the number of health professionals who help smokers quit.

Surgeon General Guidelines for Cessation

This site defines the Surgeon General’s tobacco cessation guidelines. It includes resources for clinicians helping people to quit and resources for those who want to quit. You can view the information online or you can order printed copies of the materials.


This site offers a resource to anyone working on the treatment of tobacco dependence throughout the world. It is run by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco and is a collaborative initiative between public and private organizations. Treatobacco.net is currently available in 11 languages.

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: A Clinical Practice Guideline (USPHS, 2008)

This guideline from the Surgeon General presents recommendations for treatment of tobacco use based upon systematic literature review and analysis, peer-review process and expert panel opinion.

UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences - Family & Community Medicine

A division of the Department of Family & Community Medicine, the Center strives to disseminate Tobacco Cessation information and resources for the health care community in North Dakota.


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