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Many women have used Women's Way to get tested for cervical and breast cancer. Read how each woman's story is unique.

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Marleen Stammen

Marleen Stammen

When Marleen Stammen’s husband died, she not only lost her spouse of nearly 35 years, she also lost her insurance. This made the prospect of maintaining her yearly medical checkups financially difficult, until Marleen learned about the Women's Way program.

Marleen used the Women's Way program to get checked every year for three years. The fourth year, Marleen received her reminder card in the mail but didn’t immediately make the call to make the appointment. A local Women's Way coordinator followed up the reminder card, and Marleen made it to her mammogram. It was that year that Marleen’s mammogram detected a “shadow” that was eventually diagnosed as breast cancer.

Marleen was lucky because her cancer was detected early. Early detection is the key to survival rates; Marleen is a cancer survivor. “My doctor gave me a 97 percent chance that I was cured so I guess I can’t get much better than that,” Marleen said.

Today, Marleen is feeling well and doing the things she has always wanted to do. “Now the grass is greener and the sky is bluer and I’m not going to wait to do the things I want to do. I’m so thankful for Women's Way because I am here and I am appreciating every day I have,” Marleen said.