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Many women have used Women's Way to get tested for cervical and breast cancer. Read how each woman's story is unique.

Because Other People Depend on Us.

Elaine Keepseagle

Elaine Keepseagle

Elaine Keepseagle, an elder with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, tells women that if they are afraid or embarrassed to get regular mammograms or Pap tests, she will go with them. “You have to feel good inside; you have to be healthy to help others. If you are scared or don’t understand or if you need someone to go with you, I will go,” Elaine said.

Elaine is a volunteer and an enrollee with the Women's Way program. She first enrolled in the Women's Way program in 1997. She understands why some women don’t seek regular screenings because she used to be one. “A long time ago, I used to be ashamed to come in because the doctors were male. I also heard that mammograms hurt. It took me a while to know that it didn’t matter if the doctor was a man or a woman because they are professionals and they are there to help us,” Elaine said. She also commented that the mammograms didn’t hurt bad like she had heard.

Elaine urges women to use the Women's Way program to help pay for yearly screenings. “Women's Way is a wonderful program. We have caring people who help us understand. They walk us through the screenings. Get your yearly screenings because your health depends on it. We have children and grandchildren who depend on us, and we can’t help them if we’re not healthy,” Elaine said.