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Many women have used Women's Way to get tested for cervical and breast cancer. Read how each woman's story is unique.

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Gerry Haas

Gerry Haas

Gerry Haas and her husband raised three children on a family farm outside of Elgin, N.D., and look forward to cherishing grandchildren there. Gerry has ridden the financial and emotional rollercoaster that often comes with working your own farm. Working part-time off the farm and caring for the farm and the family left Gerry with very little time to take care of herself. She skipped getting regular health screenings. “I was too busy with the farm and the kids to even think about myself,” Gerry said. “ Besides, we had big medical bills already from the premature birth of our twin boys and I couldn’t afford to get checked.”

For 17 years, Gerry missed her yearly Pap tests and pelvic exams. Finally in April of 1999, a physician’s assistant told her about the Women's Way program, and Gerry enrolled and got screened. Gerry’s Pap results showed a problem. Gerry went to Bismarck for a biopsy, and stage-four cervical cancer was diagnosed. The doctors performed a hysterectomy and Gerry’s health prediction was good. "I thank God for Women's Way, and for my faith in the Lord," said Gerry. "They caught it in time."

Today, Gerry works two part-time jobs and helps her husband with the farm. She also makes sure to re-enroll in Women's Way every year so she can get checked. Although working the family farm can be difficult, Gerry wouldn’t change a thing. “With the farming sector the way it is, it isn’t easy, but what we do and produce is important and my husband’s heart is here. Plus, a farm is the best place to raise kids, and I don’t mean to brag, but I have good kids. I thank God that I was here to help raise them. I think our reward for the hard work is for us to be a happy grandma and grandpa,” Gerry said.