Call us: 1.800.44 WOMEN

Common questions

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Call 1.800.44 WOMEN (1.800.449.6636)  or 701.328.23676 to find out if you are eligible. Eligibility is determined by age, income and insurance status.

How do I sign up for this program?

Signing up is easy. Call 1.800.44 WOMEN (1.800.449.6636) or 701.328.2367 and a nurse will answer all your questions about enrollment and eligibility. The nurse also will set up an appointment for you to visit a Women's Way office in your area for enrollment. If you are unable to travel to the nearest office, the enrollment may be done over the telephone.

What do I have to bring to my appointment?

Remember to take your enrollment card to the facility. Show the card to the receptionist before your appointment so that Women's Way will be billed for your exam.

Do I have to go to a specific doctor?

You may choose from any enrolled clinic that provides Women's Way services, which may include your clinic and health-care provider.

Do mammograms hurt?

Mammograms may be slightly uncomfortable due to the compression needed to get the most accurate picture. If you find the mammogram too uncomfortable, feel free to talk with the radiology technologist performing the exam about your discomfort.

What else does the program pay for?

Specific diagnostic tests are covered by Women's Way, depending upon your screening exam results. These services include breast ultrasound, diagnostic mammograms, fine needle aspiration or biopsy of a breast lump, and cervical colposcopy with or without biopsy.

What do I do if I have cancer?

If you are diagnosed with cancer, your Women's Way local coordinator and your health-care provider will work together to assist you with finding treatment options.