Groundwater Quality
Monitoring Results

EnviroPork Hog Facility
Larimore, N.D.

Monitoring Well Sample Data

The intent of this web page is to provide the public with up to date groundwater quality monitoring information associated with the operation of the hog farrowing facility referred to as EnviroPork Hog Facility. The EnviroPork Hog Facility was constructed in 1997 and consists of two gestation and two farrowing barns which are designed to house an equivalent of 1250 animal units (i.e 1 animal unit = 4 hogs) at any one time.

Monitoring Requirements

In an effort to identify potential groundwater quality impacts associated with the operation of the EnviroPork Hog Facility, the North Dakota Department of Health requires the routine collection and analysis of groundwater from a network of seven monitoring well locations. One of the monitoring locations (i.e. MW-3) is defined as the up gradient well or location that is not impacted by site activities (i.e. natural condition or background quality). The other six monitoring locations (i.e. MW's 1,2,4,5, 6 and 7) are defined as down gradient wells or locations capable of detecting the migration of contaminants from the site operations. Monitoring wells 4 and 5 as well as MW's 6 and 7 are considered to be well clusters, where each individual well is constructed at different elevations to monitor different water bearing zone beneath the land surface. Monitoring wells 4 and 6 are considered to be shallow wells and MW's 5 and 7 are the deeper wells.

Each of the wells is monitored on a quarterly basis with the following parameters collected from each:

Water Level
Nitrate + Nitrite as Nitrogen
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

Monitoring Results

The date of collection and analytical results from each well can be obtained simply by clicking on the location of the well identified on the following site map. Information relating to the water quality analytical results, graphical representation and a brief synopsis of the overall water quality trend is provided.

Current Water Quality Assessment
Date: January 2003

The assessment of the groundwater quality associated with the operation of the EnviroPork Hog Facility incorporates the review of available monitoring data up to December 2003.

Overall the quality of the groundwater has remained relatively unchanged from previous water quality monitoring events. Up gradient water quality identified in MW-3 continues to exhibit mineralized conditions. The average water quality concentrations for the various parameters in the up gradient well are sulfate 2,005 mg/l as sulfate, chloride 282 mg/l as chloride, nitrate + nitrite 0.05 mg/l as nitrogen, ammonia 0.89 mg/l as nitrogen and total Kjeldahl nitrogen 2.20 mg/l as nitrogen. Monitoring well MW-2 results tend to fluctuate more so than some of the other wells for several of the analytical parameters (i.e. sulfate, chloride and TKN). Based on the small changes in water quality in MW-2, influences of natural variations in water quality and the comparison of up gradient quality to down gradient water quality, no adverse impacts have been identified at this time. However, the monitoring well network, including MW-2, will continue to be routinely monitored and evaluated to identify the status of groundwater quality in the vicinity of the EnviroPork Facility operation.

The laboratory indicated that the TKN values for the September 2000 sample round are suspect because there was a dilution error when running the sample which resulted in a significant decrease in the degree of accuracy. The subsequent sampling round in November, 2000 showed results that were in line with previous sampling events.  Well 3 was not sampled in April as there was a problem with the well heaving.  This was corrected and the required 4 samples per year were collected. 


If you have any questions relating to the groundwater quality program being conducted at the EnviroPork Hog Facility, contact the North Dakota Department of Health - Division of Water Quality by one of the following:

North Dakota Department of Health
Division of Water Quality
c/o Feedlot Program
1200 Missouri Ave.
Bismarck, N.D. 58504
(701) 328-5210
E-Mail: Brady Espe (


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